Duck bathtime scrapbook page

12x12 | paper
2 page layout 12x12 size 3D die cuts. matted for all pictures.

All pages are created as a one of a kind. No mass duplication of design or idea. It is unique! All the work has been done for you, just crop and adhere your pictures to the mats. Pictures will fit nicely under ribbon if used. Pages created in a non-smoking home.

I may have included ribbon, brads, hand made embellishments, however I strongly believe your photo's should be the attraction on the page not the embellishments they should enhance but not steal the attention away from your photo's for this reason I keep them on conservative side and don't over apply any embellishment. There is also the concern that the over embellished pages don't lay nice in albums and sometimes damage pages on either side due to protruding and raised objects.

There maybe a glare in my pictures I took as they are in page protectors and I'm not the greatest photographer at all!



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